A.F.6 Split your files

A.F.6 Split your files 2.2

"A.F.6 Split your files" splits large files into several smaller files
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Alex Fauland

"A.F.6 Split your files" is a program that splits large files into several smaller files. This program is useful when you need to split a file in order to make it easier to email it, copy it to floppies or CDs or upload it to file hosting services with file size restrictions. A.F.6 asks you which file to split, and the desired size for each smaller file. You can enter whatever value you like, in bytes, or you can choose some of the predefined values, such as the size of floppies, CDs or ZIPs. Once you´ve entered that information, all you have to do is to press the "Split File" button. The program will ask you where to store the smaller files, and then will save as many files as needed.

The program will produce numbered files. That will be useful to keep the order when you join the files again. To merge the split files into the original file again, you can use the COPY command from the command line in this way: COPY /B PART1.EXE /B + PART2.EXE /B + PART3.EXE ... MERGE.EXE. Or you use A.F.7 Merge your files, another program from the same author, that makes merging files as easy as dragging and dropping. You can find that program at http://www.fauland.com/af7.htm.

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